Our Dear Leader


This was a great gig...Gerald Veasley was a special guest with Hesse's Nasty 9. He's always smiling!...not very Nasty I guess, but we'll let it slide. Hesse made Frank (Gattis, drums) sit in front so he could be yelled at easier.


Doesn't the band look great in tuxedos! This is from our Louis Armstrong show. Hesse on left.

Back row: Keith Mohler-bass, Pete Rogosky-guitar, Ken Kemmerer-tuba, Rob Diener & John Swana-trumpets. Front row: Jill Scheidt & Mike Eben-woodwinds, Chuck Dressler & "Doc" Mulligan-trombones


Sharon Bailey and Joe Keys

From the debut performance of "Satchmo Lives!...a tribute to Louis Armstrong". Here they are performing one of the closing numbers Hello Dolly!


Sharon, scaring one of our patrons.


Sally, Sharon & Sara. Sara, daughter of Sally, designed the Hesse's Nasty 9 logo...


Parading through the crowd at the International Chile Pepper Food Festival in Bowers, PA.


Ken Kemmerer

One of the Nasty 9's greatest assets, Ken has arranged much of the band's music and also plays the striking helicon. In the early days of the band, he actually scared off some patrons with that thing.


Principal trumpist Robert A. Diener...a.k.a. "RADTrumpet.com" a.k.a "Trumpet." Rob has his own band "Anomaly" for which Hesse composes and performs. Background left:  6'4" Chuck Dressler...principal trombone. Chuck is also an Anomaly member. They are presently recording a second CD which will be available in spring 2005.